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About Travel Bits

Travel Bits are not your typical guidebooks. In fact, they aren't guidebooks at all!


Each collection of Travel Bits consists of 101 "bits" of information about one of the great places to visit in the world. This could be a "bit" of history, a "bit" of information on a tourist attraction, or a "bit" of something else interesting about the location.


A Travel Bits collection is not intended to be a guidebook to any particular location. You will not find the maps or pictures you would expect in a guidebook in any Travel Bits collection. Most Travel Bits collections only have one map, and none of them contain any pictures. Instead, each book gives you information a typical guidebook ignores: history, fun facts and interesting sights along the way.

This isn't to say that there are no pictures involved in a Travel Bits collection. Each Travel Bits collection is optimized for reading as an e-book. This format makes each Travel Bit interactive, with links to official websites, maps and pictures where it is appropriate. Thus, instead of raising the cost of the book to include pictures, we take advantage of the Internet's enormous wealth of information to take you to where the pictures already exist.


In case it isn't obvious, because of the interactive nature of e-books, we highly recommend reading the Travel Bits collections using an e-book reader, as the print versions do not have these interactive features.


We welcome your comments, including potential edits, updates or changes. Please go to our Contact page for information on how to let us know your thoughts!


If you are so inclined, we would love it if you would leave an online review or reviews for whatever wherever you purchased this book and let others know how much you enjoyed it.

You can view our current selection of books here. Additional titles will be coming soon.

Travel Bits is a trademark and division of Tchop Street LLC.

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