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The Alaska Highway


Constructed during World War II as a means to ensure a connection between the contiguous 48 states of the United States and Alaska, the Alaska Highway (also known as the Alaska-Canada Highway or ALCAN) meanders 1,400 miles through the wilderness of northern Canada and Alaska. When opened to the public for travel in 1948, the road immediately became a magnet for travelers in search of adventure. Today, the road continues to provide both an overland route to Alaska as well as a draw for the adventurous tourist. For a reader with a sense of adventure or an interest in World War II, this collection of Travel Bits is perfect.

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Key West


At the end of the Overseas Highway, over 100 miles from the mainland, sits a small island and city known as Key West. The southernmost city in the continental United States, today the few square miles of Key West are a tourist mecca. However, over the course of its history, Key West has been a haven for pirates, a fishing town, and a military stronghold. Let this edition of Travel Bits be your guide to the eccentric and wonderful island and city known as Key West.


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The Florida Keys & Overseas Highway


The Overseas Highway stretches 113 miles from Key Largo to Key West, Florida. Traversing the Florida Keys, the Overseas Highway has connected the island chain to the United States mainland for over 75 years. With more than 15% of its length consisting of bridges, the Overseas Highway is not just one of the most iconic stretches of road in the world, it is a road that crosses a part of the world with a storied history of buccaneers, booze, and big storms. This collection of Travel Bits gives the reader a taste of all three and a whole lot more.


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Over the course of three days in July 1863, a small town named Gettysburg became a household name when the Civil War came to its doorstep and fought the most famous battle of the war. Today, Gettysburg preserves the battlefield and gives visitors a small sense of what it was like to fight that battle. This edition of Travel Bits can guide you to some of the off-the-beaten-path parts of the battlefield and beyond.


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Grand Canyon - NEW!


The Grand Canyon is one of the most recognizable geological features on Earth. With its soaring walls, size, and colorful beauty, it is no wonder it has become an iconic vacation destination for millions of people every year. Let this edition of 101 Travel Bits be your insider’s guide to the Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park.


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Rocky Mountain National Park


One of America's most popular national parks, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado has something for everyone: beautiful drives, stunning hikes, and a sometimes almost unbelievable history. This edition of 101 Travel Bits takes you through the park, from its abundant wildlife to some of its best trails. With 101 Travel Bits: Rocky Mountain National Park, your vacation can be the best vacation ever.


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Yellowstone National Park


In 1872, Yellowstone National Park became the world’s first national park. Since then, the sights of Yellowstone have awed and inspired generations. From Old Faithful to its renowned wildlife, nowhere else in the world equals Yellowstone for natural marvels. But it is not just nature that makes Yellowstone a special place. The park has a fascinating history from ancient times until the modern day. Let this edition of 101 Travel Bits™ be your guide to the unparalleled wonders of Yellowstone National Park.


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Grand Canyon National Park

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