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101 Travel Bits: Glacier National Park - Waterfalls

Time for an excerpt from our book, 101 Travel Bits: Glacier National Park. Today's excerpt is a portion of the book's entry on waterfalls - a natural feature for which Glacier National Park is well-known.

"Glacier National Park is home to over 200 known waterfalls. During the late-spring and early-summer, many of these waterfalls are giant cascades as rains come and the snow melts from the mountains above. By the end of summer, when the snows have melted and the rains have gone, many of these waterfalls are trickles.

Seeing a waterfall at Glacier National Park is not difficult. One of the tallest waterfalls in the park is Bird Woman Falls. Bird Woman Falls can be seen from several pullouts along the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Similarly, visitors cannot miss the Weeping Wall waterfalls during the early spring and summer, when they cascade directly onto the Going-to-the-Sun Road."

Click this link to order your copy of 101 Travel Bits: Glacier National Park and get more great information on the park's waterfalls, as well as all the other great things to see and do if you're heading to the park.


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