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Excerpt From 101 Travel Bits: Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Quiet Walkways

Time for an excerpt from our book, 101 Travel Bits: Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Today's excerpt is from the book's entry on quiet walkways - a park feature not many visitors know about.

"Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to 14 quiet walkways. These short trails—with some longer exceptions, they are approximately ¼ to ½ mile (0.4 km to 0.8 km) long—are easy hiking trails that are meant to quickly take visitors to a scenic location. The quiet walkways are located next to the park’s main roads, and they are labeled with small signs identifying them as quiet walkways.

The quiet walkways were designed and created to allow anyone who visits Great Smoky Mountains National Park to take a short and easy hike to experience nature beyond the park roads. Each quiet walkway has parking for only a few cars, and they allow visitors to quickly get immersed in a quiet part of the woods that a visitor who is not a hiker might otherwise not experience. Even for those who intend to take advantage of some of the park’s hiking trails, the quiet walkways are less crowded than the popular park trails and provide an opportunity to take a break and relax."

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