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101 Travel Bits: Glacier National Park - Winter in the Park

Time for an excerpt from our book, 101 Travel Bits: Glacier National Park. Today's excerpt is from the book's entry on Winter in the Park - a season that is still going strong in the park, even as spring gets going in much of the United States.

"Almost all visitors to Glacier National Park visit in the warmer months. Although some of the developed areas of the park are closed during the winter months, including most park roads, other parts of Glacier National Park remain open all year long, allowing those who do not mind cold weather to enjoy the park at a time when there are far fewer visitors.

Visitors to Glacier National Park during the winter can still hike park trails and use the backcountry for camping, although the park’s lodges close during the winter months. For those who do not want to hike, there are trails open for snowshoeing and skiing. One of the most popular “trails” for snowshoeing and skiing is not a trail at all, but the Going-to-the-Sun Road. While most of its length is closed to vehicles in winter, it remains open to those who want to snowshoe or ski its twisting length.

Winter in Glacier National Park does have some hazards that are not as worrisome in the summer, such as the danger of avalanches. Other dangers decrease in winter months—with the arrival of winter, the park’s bears retreat to their dens to hibernate."

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