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101 Travel Bits: Yosemite National Park - Excerpt: Tunnel View

The newest edition of 101 Travel Bits is out now! The book, 101 Travel Bits: Yosemite National Park,

can be purchased at this link. The book is full of great tips for any visitor to the park, as well as plenty of information for those who aren't able to visit the park in person. Check out this entry from the book, on the Tunnel View:

For those who enter Yosemite National Park via California State Highway 41, the first view they have of Yosemite Valley is perhaps the most iconic view in the park: Tunnel View. The view is so named because Highway 41 travels through the long Wawona Tunnel on its way to Yosemite Valley. As the road exits the tunnel, the view spread out before the traveler is the expansive view of Yosemite Valley and the mountains around it known as Tunnel View.

Thankfully for those who wish to avoid traffic accidents, you do not have to view this iconic landscape at Tunnel View solely from your car. There is also a scenic viewpoint at Tunnel View, where you can park and enjoy the view without the potential for causing traffic problems. Tunnel View is one of the most popular viewpoints in the park. On a typical summer day, the viewpoint can receive over 7,000 visitors.

Click here to get your copy of 101 Travel Bits: Yosemite National Park today!

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